Mint Julep Salon’s Philosophy

At Mint Julep Salon we believe in providing an experience to remember.  There are several elements that encompass a memorable experience in the salon:

  • The Talent – You must find the perfect hairstylist that will help customize your look to feature your best assets and make you look and feel stunningly beautiful.
  • The Services – You must be able to achieve that look through services offered by the salon without having to travel anywhere else.
  • The Products – You must have access to high-end, quality products to maintain and perfect that look you achieved while sitting in your stylists chair.

We provide the above requirements for a memorable experience by allowing our clients to have a complimentary consultation with any of our talent.

Below, you will find a list of services offered by our salon with starting prices.  Please call the salon for a more detailed review of our services.

Mint Julep’s Menu of Services (see individual stylists for pricing)